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Visit to Belfast

Age Models, Chronologies, and Databases Workshop, Jan. 12-16, 2014

This workshop, organized by Eric Grimm and Marten Blaauw and funded by the PAGES program, was a must for me, because it fitted perfectly to my recent activities on the IRSDB. Also, I have never been in Ireland nor in Northern Ireland, which is different. Driving in a local taxi through the working class quarters of rainy Belfast, we got an impression why. Some people here have been using to live in the past for a long time, causing terrible troubles. What a difference to our workshop. We are also dealing with the past, but our excitement is very peaceful, coming together, helping each other to overcome barriers between scientific disciplines, to serve the community. Using chemicals and machines to determine the age of archaeological finds, instead of detonating bombs and shooting other people. Learning from each other is so much better than building 20 m high walls to keep oneself apart from the others. Hopefully we were eyewitnesses of what our successors will only know from excavations and radiocarbon measurements.

Thanks to all colleagues I got to know during this week and to those I knew already from the radiocarbon community! It was great. Though I have seen already numerous AMS labs, I loved to see the Chrono lab, and I wished I had such a nice machine.

Edit 15.10.2014: Meanwhile, the workshop report is published in the PAGES magazine, the full report is available for download.

Here is the small collection of fotos I had the chance to take.

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