Silva et al. 2006a

Silva, Pablo G.; Reicherter, Klaus; Bardají, Teresa; Lario, Javier; Peltzer, Marcel; Grützner, Christoph; Becker-Heidmann, Peter; Goy, Jose L., Zazo, Cari; Borja, Francisco (2006): Surface and subsurface paleoseismic record of the Baelo Claudia area (Gibraltar Arc area, southern Spain) – first results. In: Geophys. Res. Abstr. 8, S. 4513.



The ruins of the Roman city of Baelo Claudia, close to the Strait of Gibraltar (Spain), yield evidence for the first historic earthquake damage on the Iberian Peninsula (40-60 AD; Silva et al., 2005). The western Betic Cordilleras have experienced several moderate and partly strong earthquakes and earthquake-related hazards (landslides and tsunamis) during the last 2000 years of historical report. We investigate paleoearthquakes and secondary effects recorded in the geological record, as well as the paleostress framework in which they evolved.

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