Scharpenseel und Becker-Heidmann 1994a

Scharpenseel, H.-W., Becker-Heidmann, P. (1994): 14C dates and 13C measures of different soil species. – In: Lal, R., Kimble, J. M., Levine, E. (Hg.): Soil processes and greenhouse effect, S. 72–89. USDA, Soil Conservation Service, National Soil Survey Center, Lincoln, NE


In this review depth profiles of 14C dates and 13C values of different soil types are compared and studied with emphasis on four major aspect:
1. Concept of “soil age” versus SOM “residence time”; data base of soil carbon cycle related 14C dates; soil as a carbon source or sink
2. Efforts of maximum 14C dating in soil; SOM residence time clay interaction
3. Anthropogenic CO2/CH4 release and its effect on 14C dating and δ13C measurements
4. Carbon cycle and trace gas emission related indicator potential of 14C dating and δ13C measurement on soil material; approaches for sustained research

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