Scharpenseel et al. 1995a

Scharpenseel, H.-W., Pfeiffer, E.-M., Becker-Heidmann, P. (1995): Organic carbon storage in tropical hydromorphic soils. – In: Carter, M. R., Stewart, B. A. (Hg.): Structure and organic matter storage in agricultural soils, S. 361–392. Advances in Soils Science. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL


1. Carbon cycle in tropical hydromorphic soils/ wetlands
1.1 Area of different wetland ecosystems
1.2 carbon fluxes and C-sequestration
1.3 Problems associated with C-storage

2. Carbon cycle in riceland ecosystems (upland, lowland, irrigated, deepwater rice)
2.1 Areas and compartments
2.2 Biomass turnover
2.3 C-source – sink relation
2.4 C-sequestration, organic manures, composts, legumes, Azolla
2.5 SOM content versus rice yields
2.6 Methanogenesis, 13C scan of rice soil profiles
2.7 Carbon residence time in riceland compared to other cropland in same soils
2.8 Puddling and stability of SOM – clay/oxide complexes
2.9 C-sequestration by CO2 – and mineral fertilization

3. Problem of carbon storage in the light of stable clay/oxide – SOM complex formation and functional SOM compartments

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