Scharpenseel et al. 1989

Scharpenseel, H.-W., Becker-Heidmann, P., Neue, H.-U., Tsutsuki, K. (1989): Bomb-carbon, 14C-dating and 13C-measurements as tracers of organic matter dynamics as well as morphogenetic and turbation processes. The Science of the Total Environment 81/82 : 99–110

DOI: 10.1016/0048-9697(89)90115-0


Organic matter dynamics can be traced by the thermonuclear-bomb-test induced rise of natural 14C, the “bomb-C”, in the whole photosynthesis – nutrition – organic decomposition chain. Layerwise 14C-dated soil profiles from 1965 -1980 and past 1980 are evaluated for bomb-C depth penetration. The problem of soil rejuvenation or aging by Bomb-C or fossil fuel-C in conjunction with nutrient pool transfer and enhancemet of organic matter production is described. C-dynamics is reflected also by D14C and δ13C levels in thin layerwise sampled soil profiles of different climates. These measurements can contribute to clarify the C-dynamics in morphogenetic processes, such as our examples of peloturbation and bioturbation.

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