Reicherter et al. 2010

Reicherter, K., Jabaloy, A., Galindo-Zaldívar, Becker-Heidmann, P., Galdeano, C. Sanz de (2010): Trenching results of the Ventas de Zafarraya fault (Southern Spain). – In: Arévalo, J.M.I. und González, F.M. (Hg.): Contribución de la Geología al Análisis de la Peligrosidad Sísmica. Primera Reunión Ibérica sobre Fallas Activas y Paleosismilogía. Sigüenza (Guadalajara, España, 27-29 October 2010, S. 125.

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In 1884 one of the most destructive earthquakes of the Iberian Peninsula (M 6.7) occurred along the Ventas de Zafarraya Fault in the Betic Cordilleras. New paleoseismic data obtained from four trenches and 14C datings, allow to reconstruct the activity of the fault for the last 10 ka. These data indicate a recurrence period of 2-3 ka for major, surface rupturing earthquakes. The displacement rate during the Holocene was estimated to be on the order of 0.3 and 0.45 mm/a.

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