Harkness und Becker-Heidmann 1996

Harkness, D. D., Becker-Heidmann, P. (Hg.) (1996): 14C and soil dynamics: Special section. 211 S. Dept. of Geosciences, University of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz.

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175   Doug Harkness: Introduction: Challenges in the Soil
177   Peter Becker-Heidmann: Requirements for an International Radiocarbon Soils Database
181   Kevin G. Harrison: Using Bulk Soil Radiocarbon Measurements to Estimate Soil Organic Matter Turnover Times: Implications for Atmospheric CO2 Levels
191   L.C.R. Pessenda, Ramon Aravena, A.J. Melfi, E.C.C. Telles, René Boulet, E.P.E. Valencia and Mario Tomazello: The Use of Carbon Isotopes (13C,14C) in Soil to Evaluate Vegetation Changes During the Holocene in Central Brazil
203   L.C.R. Pessenda, E.P.E. Valencia, P.B. Camargo, E.C.C. Telles, L.A. Martinelli, C.C. Cerri, Ramon Aravena and Kazimierz Rozanski: Natural Radiocarbon Measurements in Brazilian Soils Developed on Basic Rocks
209   Randye L. Rutberg, David S. Schimel, Irena Hajdas and Wallace S. Broecker: The Effect of Tillage on Soil Organic Matter Using 14C: A Case Study
219   Susan E. Trumbore and Shuhui Zheng: Comparison of Fractionation Methods for Soil Organic Matter 14C Analysis
231   S.W. Leavitt, R.E Follett and E.A. Paul: Estimation of Slow- and Fast-Cycling Soil Organic Carbon Pools from 6N HCI Hydrolysis
241   A.E. Cherkinsky: 14C Dating and Soil Organic Matter Dynamics in Arctic and Subarctic Ecosystems
247   Ina Tegen and Helmut Dörr: 14C Measurements of Soil Organic Matter, Soil CO2 and Dissolved Organic Carbon (1987-1992)
253   K.R. Lassey, K.R. Tate, R.J. Sparks and J.J. Claydon: Historic Measurements of Radiocarbon in New Zealand Soils
271   Roger McNeely: Geological Survey of Canada Soil Database
277   H.W. Scharpenseel, Franz Pietig, Heinrich Schiffmann and Peter Becker-Heidmann: Radiocarbon Dating of Soils: Database Contribution by Bonn and Hamburg
295   Peter Becker-Heidmann, Hans-Wilhelm Scharpenseel and Horst Wiechmann: Hamburg Radiocarbon Thin Layer Soils Database

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