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Es ist gar nicht so einfach, eine Sonnenfinsternis zu fotografieren, zumindest wenn man keinen passenden Filter zur Hand hat. Ich habe es trotzdem versucht und mit dem Telezoom direkt auf…


Visit to Belfast

Age Models, Chronologies, and Databases Workshop, Jan. 12-16, 2014

This workshop, organized by Eric Grimm and Marten Blaauw and funded by the PAGES program, was a must for me, because it fitted perfectly to my recent activities on the IRSDB. Also, I have never been in Ireland nor in Northern Ireland, which is different. Driving in a local taxi through the working class quarters of rainy Belfast, we got an impression why. Some people here have been using to live in the past for a long time, causing terrible troubles. What a difference to our (mehr …)

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