Becker-Heidmann et al. 1986

Becker-Heidmann, P., Martin, U., Scharpenseel, H.-W. (1986): Description of organic matter dynamics in a flooded rice soil using carbon isotope methods. – In: International Society of Soil Science (Hg.): Transactions, S. 234–235



The fast initial decomposition of organic matter was investigated in a field experiment conducted at the International Rice Research Institute (Philippines). Uniformly 14C-labelled rice straw was incorporated in a continuously flooded rice soil. The decay was monitored in relation to time and depth during the course of one year. This was done by measuring the 14C-activity of the soil, the soil solution, CO2 and methane.
A profile of the same soil type was sampled in successive thin layers. The depth distributions of the natural 14C and 13C contents reflect the steady state of decomposition and transport processes. A model with nine boxes is presented comprising soil, soil solution and gases in relation to depth within the puddled layer.

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