Becker-Heidmann 2012

Becker-Heidmann, P. (2012): Recent progress in establishing the International Radiocarbon Soils  database (IRSDB). 21st International Radiocarbon Conference. Paris, France. Poster



The International Radiocarbon Soils DataBase is hosted on a webserver and can be accessed directly from the internet. The URL is:
To improve the usability, the user interface was changed from a Wiki to a WordPress CMS. Gained advantages are a Wysiwyg editor and several features which can be put together in a modular system by freely available plugins. While maintaining the open source approach, the WordPress version supports version control like the Wiki, but additionally offers a finetuned user rights control, a direct database administration tool, sophisticated input forms, and an automated database backup routine via plugins. This system can easily be maintained, updated and extended, mostly without knowledge of a programming language. Available data can be added to the database online after registration. Supporters in further development of the website are welcome. For easy collaboration, a Subversion repository of all code and data is maintained.

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